Fuckability Theory
Cover design by Jackie Shepherd.

Fuckability Theory is the acclaimed book by Marlowe Buchanan, Ph.D., former sitcom star turned academic and author.

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Praise for Fuckability Theory:

“Destined to become as influential as The Second Sex, Marlowe Buchanan’s Fuckability Theory is a singular achievement.”
—Verena Baptist

“Rise up, all you exiles from Bonerville. F**kability Theory will show you the way.”
The New York Daily

“Scathing. Revolutionary. This book made me re-evaluate my entire life and all my relationships and now nothing will ever be the same again. If only I’d never read it!”
—Nola Larson King, The Nola and Nedra Show

“What a brilliant book. I wish I’d thought of it.”
—Sarai Walker, author of Dietland

What others are saying:

“Poor Marlowe has finally lost it.”
—Stu Sheldon, TV executive

“A very angry and unlikeable young woman.”
—Dr. Sapphire Liebermann

“Burn it.”
—Kitty Montgomery, editor of Daisy Chain

“Just awful.”
—Tori Roberts, creator of Thinz

“I don’t recommend it.”
—Stanley Austen, CEO, Austen Media

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